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Give Blck is a searchable, comprehensive database of exclusively Black-founded and Black-led nonprofit organizations. Our work makes it easier for people to connect with and give to these organizations.

Christina Lewis, Stephanie Ellis-Smith, and David Setiadi founded Give Blck in the wake of George Floyd's May 2020 murder.

It began as a simple spreadsheet to respond to those seeking a way to support Black-led charities. Today, Give Blck is a movement that complements the Buy Black movement. We are working to close our country's giving gap: Americans give $450 billion to charity each year, but less than 1% of that goes to Black organizations - and accordingly, Black communities.

Give Blck catalogues nonprofit organizations across 18 sectors: arts and culture, athletics, benefactors, careers, civil rights, clubs and associations, criminal justice, education, environment, food, gender equity, global, health, human services, LGBTQIA+, miscellaneous, religious, and technology.

Yes. Give Blck amplifies and supports the work of member organizations in a multitude of ways, including a database listing, donation facilitation, data sharing, social media promotion, fundraising tips, and connectivity with other Black-founded and Black-led nonprofit organizations.

There is no fee to join the Give Blck database.

Please find the Submit a Nonprofit button on our homepage. You can expect to hear from a member of the Give Blck team within 2-4 weeks.

Yes. We're looking for volunteers interested in data management, nonprofit work, and social media, communications, and marketing.

Yes. Give Blck is a tax exempt 501c3 organization. To inquire about making a donation to Give Blck, please email hello@giveblck.org . Your generous donations help us to support the work we do for our community.

Yes. Here are three in: NYT | NBC NEWS | Wirecutter

Great question. Here is what we mean when we say…

Black: A person who has genetic origins from the Black ethnic groups from the continent of Africa. (or a person who self identifies as “Black” or “African-American”)
Black-founded: An organization that was established by a Black person or a collective whose members are predominately Black.
Black-led: An organization whose Executive Director/CEO/President is Black and the Board of Directors are predominately Black.
Black-serving: An organization whose mission explicitly states that its main purpose is to serve the needs of the Black community.

On the top right corner of our website there is a link to submit organizations to be considered for inclusion in the database. The form includes all disclosures necessary for us to vet organizations for inclusion in the database.

The criteria for inclusion in the directory at this time is that an organization has tax-exempt status (fiscal sponsorship is acceptable but must be confirmed) and that they are Black-founded.

In the future, we will expand to Black-led organizations. If you feel you fit those criteria feel free to submit now. We look forward to reviewing your submission and we thank you for submitting your organization to be a part of our database. Our platform wouldn't be possible without organizations like yours. We then enable donors to undertake their own research to allow matches to be made based on each person or company’s values and passion areas.

As perhaps the first Black-led nonprofit infrastructure organization, we are partnering with other organizations in the charitable giving space where donors are already giving.

For example, there is a subset of organizations that Charity Navigator’s independent and world-renowned evaluators have noted are highly-ranked, and the first of those lists came out in mid-July.

As of December 31, 2020 roughly $75,000 was donated through this list. We are also in partnership with every.org to create their Black Founders list. Benevity is another partner and we are in talks with others.

Happy to oblige. Here is a document describing the recent enhancements to our database.

In less than four months, Give Blck is responsible for funneling approximately $150,000 to Black-founded nonprofit organizations. This data is as of December 31st. These funds came from hundreds of contributions by regular people. Approximately $10,000 has been donated through the Give Blck website. The rest of the funds came via two cross-marketing partnerships with Benevity and Charity Navigator.

From Black Friday to Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1), Give Blck launched and ran #GivingBlackTuesday a multi-faceted social media campaign to raise awareness about the Giving Gap and encourage people to donate to Black-led charities as a way to create racial equity. The campaign was very successful.

As of January 15, 2021 roughly 12,000 people have used the Give Blck database since its launch on September 24, 2020.

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